What Are Trekking Pole Baskets Used For?


Have you seen hikers outdoors with long walking poles and wondered why they have them and how they work? Hiking outside can be an interesting sport if you have an open mind to learn new things, including what trekking poles baskets are for.

Trekking pole baskets provide additional surface area to prevent trekking poles from sinking too deeply in soft surfaces such as sand, snow, or mud. This added resistance provides hikers with more stability and allows them to better push off unstable surfaces.

If you are an avid hiker or a newbie looking to start on the trails, using the right equipment is necessary. If you use the proper gear, your time outdoors will be more enjoyable, and you can eliminate frustration as you navigate different terrains. 

What Are Trekking Poles? 

If you are new to exploring this outdoor activity, trekking poles are a must. They are also known as hiking poles and look very similar to ski poles.

They are sold in pairs and come mainly in carbon fiber materials or lightweight aluminum. Many individuals may not realize how beneficial it is to use them!

Some major advantages to having trekking poles for your hikes can include: 

  • Adding stability and balance on uneven or rough terrain
  • Reducing the impact on your feet, ankles, legs, and knees
  • Helps navigate unknown surfaces such as soft gravel, snow, or puddle depth
  • Gives you extra strength to pull yourself along trails or uphills
  • Provides support when navigating steep downhill slopes
  • Activates the upper body during walking

Although they may look similar to ski poles, with rubber handles, wrist straps, and baskets, trekking poles typically come in multiple parts, and users can extend or retract them. This feature is helpful in different elements or when compacting them for transportation. 

Adjustable trekking poles help make hiking more efficient when you are traveling across multiple elevations.

If you can shorten your poles while traveling uphill, you will have better strength and pull. Longer poles are helpful with balance when traveling downhill to prevent any slips or falls. 

Some individuals prefer how using trekking poles helps engage their upper body during hikes. The continuous swinging motion of using poles gives your upper body a workout and takes some stress off your lower body. 

What Are Trekking Pole Baskets For? 

There are many components to these poles that serve a purpose, and baskets are essential in various situations. Trekking pole baskets are the round rings that sit near the bottom of the pole. 

An important consideration when purchasing baskets is that they are not universal. Not all brands will fit on a competitor’s poles. You must check ahead to ensure that any additional baskets you purchase will fit the poles you currently have. 

These pole accessories are important when you are hiking through any very soft ground to help keep your poles from sinking too deep as you walk. They can also help keep your poles from getting stuck between rocks in rough terrain or roots in the trails. 

Many poles will come with simple, small baskets as a basic accessory, known as summer baskets. On the other hand, some brands will require you to purchase them additionally. 

If you are looking for the many benefits and uses of trekking pole baskets, you have come to the right place. 

For individuals starting with new poles, it can be a good idea to purchase larger sizes for different uses. You cannot go wrong with having a variety of types available. They are relatively inexpensive and are worth every penny!

Distinct terrains will require the use of alternative trekking pole baskets. Each type will work best in the elements that it is designed for. They will be more efficient and easier to use by matching the correct type to the environment you use them in. 

The Benefits of Trekking Pole Baskets

Some of the popular types of baskets you will find are for mud, soft ground, or snow. They are beneficial in protecting your poles in several circumstances. 

The basket notches on the pole will help keep them stable during transport and storage to minimize damage. No one wants to take their poles along somewhere, only to find out once they go to use them that they are broken. 

Poles often break when they get snagged on a root or between rocks during use. When you have baskets, they keep your pole from sinking too deep where they may get caught on roots or between tight rocky spaces. 

Many hikers who lose their balance will fall on their poles and break them. If you are hiking in an area with soft or muddy ground, using baskets will help your poles float and create more stability for you. This eliminates the chance of you losing your footing and accidentally falling. 

Situations to Use Trekking Pole Baskets In

These basket accessories are terrific additions on your hikes for a variety of situations. If you prepare for alternative terrains, you will have a better experience out on the trails. Many users will purchase additional ones for future use. 

For those individuals asking what are trekking pole baskets for, quite simply, they are best for mud and snow hiking. If you choose to go without them, your time outdoors may be more difficult or hazardous. 

Be sure to use them when you need to, so you can avoid any potential slips or falls. The last thing anyone wants is to get hurt or seriously injured while trying to enjoy some time outside. 


One of the biggest reasons you will need trekking pole baskets is muddy weather. These baskets will help your pole float above the soft ground, giving you added support as you walk. 

Without them, your poles could plunge too deep into the mud, slowing you down. Not only will your walk be messier, but it would be a lot more work to use trekking poles that are going in and out of deep pockets of mud. 


Snow can cause issues for many hikers in the colder weather. This surface can be unpredictable and quite soft, making hikes more difficult. Using trekking poles with wide snow baskets will keep them from sinking deeper than you need. 

Moving through snow can be a slow process, so baskets will help speed you up by cutting back on the amount of time your pole is spent buried. If your pole ends up in deep snow without a proper basket, you risk breaking it during your hike. 

When to Remove Trekking Pole Baskets 

There are situations where it is best to remove the baskets from your trekking poles. If you face some of the environments listed below, you could be better off by removing them. 

Snagging or Entangling Problems

If you are going off the trail into some back-country terrain or if the trails are not well used, your pole baskets could become entangled during your hike. Long grasses and other overgrown vegetation can snag your baskets. 

If they keep getting caught on brush, it will slow you down and could throw you off balance. Remove them to make your poles more effective for your hike. 

Crossing Creek Fords

You may find yourself coming to very shallow creeks on your outdoor adventures. Even though these water surfaces are not deep and you can easily walk through them, your poles are different. 

Moving anything through water will have drag and be more difficult. This is also true of pole baskets. With these additional accessories on your trekking poles, it will take more effort to use while moving through creek fords. 

This dragging can also interfere with how easily you can place your poles and make you more unstable. 

Although falling in a quite shallow creek is not extremely dangerous, you could still hurt yourself, or at the very least, get wet. This situation could make the rest of your hike quite uncomfortable. 

Added Weight 

Anything that you add to your trekking poles will increase the weight, even pole baskets. You may think that pole baskets are not heavy and will not interfere with your hike, but you may be surprised. 

For walks where you are not facing any soft ground or uneven rocks and roots, baskets are unnecessary. If you don’t think that a small amount of extra weight will make a difference, you are wrong, especially on those long hiking days. 

How to Remove and Replace Trekking Pole Baskets

It is quite simple to remove these baskets from your poles, even while out on a trail if you need to. You may find yourself facing a broken basket out on a trail and will have to change it before you return home. 

To remove a basket, all you have to do is twist the existing basket 90° counterclockwise to loosen it and slide it down off the bottom of the pole over the tip. 

To replace a basket, you simply do the reverse. Slide the basket over the bottom tip of the pole and up to the notch. Twist the basket 90° clockwise, so it locks back into place. 

The Takeaway on Trekking Pole Baskets

There are many uses and benefits to having trekking pole baskets throughout the year. From navigating uneven terrain to providing extra stability and balance, they are a terrific accessory for any hiker. 

If you are contemplating adding baskets to your poles for an upcoming hiking trek, it should be on your list of things to include for a better experience. 

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