At MountainTreads, we are dedicated to ensuring that your outdoor adventures are not just memorable, but also safe and well-planned. Our team of experienced adventurers and experts is here to provide personalized guidance and support, tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Discover our range of services designed to enhance your outdoor experience!

1. Personalized Adventure Itinerary


Our expert team will craft a detailed and personalized itinerary for your next outdoor adventure, tailored to your interests, skill level, and preferences. Whether you’re hiking, camping, mountain biking, or skiing, we’ve got you covered.


  • Tailored Activity Recommendations
  • Daily Schedule with Timing and Locations
  • Safety Tips and Gear Checklist
  • Insider Tips on Local Spots and Hidden Gems
  • Weather and Terrain Information

Price: Starting at $99 per itinerary

2. One-on-One Trip Consultation


Connect with our seasoned outdoor experts for a one-on-one consultation session to help plan your trip, answer your questions, and provide personalized advice.


  • 60-Minute Video or Phone Call
  • Expert Advice on Trip Planning
  • Gear Recommendations
  • Safety Briefing and Tips
  • Follow-Up Email Summary

Price: $75 per session

3. Complete Trip Planning Package


Our comprehensive package includes everything you need for a successful outdoor adventure. From personalized itineraries to gear recommendations and safety briefings, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.


  • Personalized Adventure Itinerary
  • One-on-One Trip Consultation
  • Custom Gear Rental Options
  • Emergency Contact and Safety Plan
  • Access to Exclusive Discounts and Offers

Price: Starting at $199 per package

4. Group Adventure Planning


Planning an outdoor adventure for a group? Let our experts take care of the details! We provide customized itineraries, gear recommendations, and safety briefings to ensure everyone has a great time.


  • Tailored Itinerary for Group Activities
  • Group Gear Rental Options
  • Safety Briefing for All Participants
  • Coordination Assistance for Group Logistics
  • Special Group Discounts

Price: Starting at $149 per group (up to 10 participants)

5. Adventure Readiness Check


Ensure you’re fully prepared for your outdoor adventure with our Adventure Readiness Check. Our experts will review your plan, gear, and preparations to ensure everything is in order.


  • Comprehensive Review of Your Trip Plan
  • Gear Checklist and Recommendations
  • Safety and Emergency Preparedness Tips
  • Personalized Feedback and Suggestions
  • Peace of Mind for Your Adventure

Price: $49 per check

To book or customize a package, Contact Us today. Dive into the outdoors, and let MountainTreads be your guide!