About Zach Reed

Growing up on the east coast with little to no hills, I didn’t have the opportunity to get into mountain biking at an early age. Lucky for me, I moved to Colorado later in life and had the chance to fall in love with everything that is the mountains!

While I was initially drawn to hiking and landscape photography, over time I started to seek out more adventurous endeavors. It was at this point that I gave mountain biking a try and got hooked!

Not only did I get hooked on the thrill and flow of singletracks, but I loved the fact that I was able to explore more of these beautiful natural areas.

While there was no shortage of information related to gear reviews and things along those lines, I was surprised at the lack of beginner information on mountain biking. While the basics may seem obvious to a mtb veteran, I found myself reading forums and having to piece together information from multiple sources to get what I thought should be easy to find.

Rather than have the newbs following in my shoes need to repeat the same steps, I decided to document and detail everything that I learned about the hobby of mountain biking as I myself progress.