How We Do Reviews

To help save you time, our small team of dedicated product testers conducts exhaustive research to find the best products across a range of categories.

Our buying guides will usually recommend the best overall product in a certain category, as well as a number of other selections that may be better suited to you depending on your needs.

The results of our reviews are based on our objective assessments. While our relationships with various affiliates may influence the products we select to review, they do not change the analysis and opinions of our writers.

We always aim to review products by using them in the real world just like you would.

In some cases we purchase the products ourselves for the purpose of reviewing, sometimes we review products that we have bought for personal use, and sometimes companies send us free products for the purpose of reviewing.

When we have received the product for free, we will always disclose this at the top of the review.

In cases where we are not able to physically use the product, we base our recommendations on extensive research and gathering information from a variety of sources including the manufacturer and other owners.

We will never recommend a product solely for our financial gain.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us please do so via our contact page.